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Two Birds, One Stone: Defend Liberty and Win $10,000


Defend liberty, win $10,000: not a bad deal, right?

Think Freely Media is hosting a Great Communicators Tournament. To enter, just create a one- to three-minute video championing liberty. Twelve finalists will receive all-expense-paid trips to the State Policy Network Annual Meeting in Denver. The grand prize winner takes home the $10K.

But the deadline is August 15, so get your digital camera ready now.

The folks at Think Freely write:

Our goal is to highlight liberty’s best communicators – those folks who can move beyond facts, figures, and white papers and connect emotionally, sharing why liberty and free markets are the best for all Americans, especially the underprivileged.

They're on to something there. “Connecting emotionally” is something conservatives have failed to do too often. So let’s see what you come up with for this video contest!


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