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Fall, 2009

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The United States as World Savior: Costs and Consequences
Hayek on the Role of Reason in Human Affairs
Tradition and History in the Thinking of Josef Pieper
From the Nomad's Gonads to Madame Bovary's Ovaries: Biopolitics and Its Discontents

A Symposium on <i>R'emi Brague's The Law of God: The Philosophical History of an Idea</i>

Introductory Remarks on Rémi Brague’s The Law of God
A History of Eternity
Nomos, Nature, and Modernity in Brague’s The Law of God
Islam and the Divine Law in The Law of God
God’s Co-workers: Rémi Brague’s Treatment of the Divine Law in Christianity

Research Notes

Controlling the “Commanding Heights” of Political Science Education: A Survey of Political Economy Courses from an Author-Based Perspective