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Fall, 2008

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Edmund Burke and the Politics of Empire
Christianity, Culture, and the Problem of Establishment

A Symposium on Michael Polanyi

Michael Polanyi (1891-1976): Introduction to an Unfinished Revolution
Michael and Karl Polanyi: Conflict and Convergence
The Origins and Implications of Polanyi's Political Economy
Beyond Post-Modernism via Polanyi's Post-Critical Philosophy
“The Deliberate Holding of Unproven Beliefs”: Judgment Post-Critically Considered
Practical Reasoning as Personal Knowing: Pedagogical Implications of Polanyi's Insights into the Development of the Moral Self
Polanyi on Epistemology, Worship, and Theology
On Reading Polanyi and Reasoning About Polanyi's Philosophical Perspective: Notes on Secondary Sources