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Fall, 2006

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In Memoriam

Maurice Cowling, 1926–2005: RIP


Critic of the Sensate Culture: Rediscovering the Genius of Pitirim Sorokin
Stalking the Therapeutic State

<i>A Symposium on</i> Edmund Burke

Edmund Burke's Progeny: Recent Scholarship on Burke's Political Philosophy
Edmund Burke's Legal Erudition and Practical Politics: Ireland and the American Revolution
Edmund Burke and the American Nation
Edmund Burke: Old Whig

<i>A Symposium on</i> Russell Kirk's <i>The Conservative Mind</i>

Kirk among the Historians: Myth and Meaning in the Writing of American History
The Politics of Prescription: Kirk's Fifth Canon of Conservative Thought
The Particular and the Universal: Kirk's Second Canon of Conservative Thought
Religion and The Conservative Mind
Redeeming America's Political Culture: The Kirkean Tradition in the Study of American Public Life

Research Notes

Political Scientists' Policy Views and Voting