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Fall, 2005

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In Memoriam

James McClellan (1937–2005): RIP


Being and Politics: Seth Benardete on Aristotle's Metaphysics

Eric Voegelin's <i>New Science of Politics:</i> A Reconsideration after Fifty Years

The Concept of Gnosticism and the Analysis of Spiritual Disorder
Voegelin's “Gnosticism” Reconsidered
Gnosis in EricVoegelin's Philosophy
Gnosticism and Modernity: Voegelin's Reconsiderations Twenty Years after The New Science of Politics
On a Possible Epicurrean Garden for Philosophy: Philosophy and the City in the Thought of Leo Strauss
Learning from the Insights and the Errors of a Great Mind: Michael Oakeshott on Liberal Education
Political Dilemmas of Social Biology
How Socialism Underdeveloped Africa