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Winter/Spring 2011

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Winter/Spring 2011

Modern Age

Volume: 53
Numbers: 1 - 2
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.


Editor's Note

Conservatism and Multiculturalism


The Islamic Warriors' Destruction of a Nascent Civilization: The Catholic Kingdom of the Visigoths in Spain (A.D. 589–711)
Kristol vs. Oakeshott
Heinrich Heine:
The Predicament of a Cultural Pluralist
Great Books, Higher Education, and the Logos
The Biblical Poems of Edwin Arlington Robinson

George Panichas: A Tribute

The Moral Courage of George Andrew Panichas
George Panichas, the Moral Imagination, and the Conservative Mind
George Panichas, the Courage of Judgment, and Modern Age


Conservatism, Phenomenology, and the Enlightenment
Conservatism in Canada
The Myth of the Fifties
Son of the Third Way
Empty Bottles of Gentilism
Conservatism and the Limits of Politics


The Genesis Machine: Physics and Creation
Willmoore Kendall for Our Times


St. Leo the Great, A.D. 452
The Martyrdom of St. Justin, A.D. 165