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Fall, 2003

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In Memoriam

Rev. Ernest Fortin, A.A., 1923–2002
Seth Benardete's Second Sailing: On the Spirit of Ideas


Lance Banning's Interpretation of James Madison: An Appreciation and Critique
Philosophy of the Cosmonimic Idea: Herman Dooyeweerd's Political and Legal Thought

<i>A Symposium on</i> Gerhart Niemeyer

Welfare and Amenity in the Work of Bertrand de Jouvenel
“The Team Against the Committee”: Fighting Tyranny and Terrorism Without Losing Our Liberal Soul
Jouvenel on Politics and Political Science in America
Beyond the “Prison of the Corollaries”: Liberty and the Common Good in the Thought of Bertrand de Jouvenel


Demonizing the Germans: Goldhagen and Gellately on Nazism
The Fuzzy Picture of Hitler's Pope
Michael Oakeshott as Philosopher: Beyond Politics, A Quest for Omniscience