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Summer 2000

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Summer 2000

Modern Age

Volume: 42
Number: 3
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.



Tolerance: Virtue or Vice?
The Tyranny of Liberalism With an Editorial Note
Karl Löwith and Eric Voegelin on Christianity and History
Robert Frost and Darwin's Theory of Evolution Part Two
Ahistorical Histories: Ideological Persuasion in Cooper's European Novels
Balzac: Our Contemporary
The dust is still there…

Book Reviews

Varieties of Conservatism
John Kekes, A Case for Conservatism
An Obsession with Contempt
Don Herzog, Poisoning the Minds of the Lower Orders
By: Ian Crowe
Confronting the Darkness of Enlightenment
Toward a Conservative Postmodernism
Peter Augustione Lawler, Postmodernism Rightly Understood: The Return to Realism in American Thought
The Agrarian Mood
David Middleton, Beyond the Chandeleurs


Elites, Community, and the Truth: A Little Story
An Introduction to Evelyn Waugh's Helena