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Fall 2007

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Fall 2007

Modern Age

Volume: 49
Number: 4
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.



Conservatism Means Conservation
Building More Value Into the World We Build
The Problem of the Imperial Presidency

Conservative Reflections on Neglected Questions and Ignored Problems

What Is Worth Conserving? An Introduction

I. In Defense of Beauty

The Problem with Modern Art; Or, Why Beautiful Art Matters
Beauty: An Essential Characteristic of Civilized Culture

II. In Defense of Patriarchy

The “Good Feminism” Delusion
Feminist Literary Criticism: From Anti-Patriarchy to Decadence
The End of Gender Sanity in American Public Life
A Dawsonian View of Patriarchy
The Natural Family Dimly Seen Through Feminist Eyes

III. In Defense of the Old Republic

American Conservatism and the Old Republic
The Southern Tradition and Limited Government
The Old Republic and the Sectional Crisis
Harry Jaffa and the Demise of the Old Republic

IV. In Denfense of Old Europe

Conservatism, Christianity, and the Revitalization of Europe
The Tragic Death of the Habsburg Empire
Hugo von Hoffmannsthal and the Interwar European Right
“Rule Britannia!” All Empires Are Not Created Equal
Pope Leo XIII and the Catholic Response to Modernity

V. Conclusion: Conservatism in the New Millennium

The Decline of American Intellectual Conservatism
By: Claes Ryn