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Fall 2008

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Fall 2008

Modern Age

Volume: 50
Number: 4
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.



Fighting Bob vs. Silent Cal: The Conservative Tradition from La Follette to Taft and Beyond
Mark Royden Winchell
Human Freedom and the Limitations of Scientific Determinism
Eric Voegelin on the Incarnate Christ
On Climate Change


Conservatism and the Political Order


Biographer: A Life
After the Day’s Work—ca. 1863
Missa in Tempore Belli William
Driving East after Rita William
Monteagle Farmer


A Real Education Reformer Troublemaker by Chester Finn
Correcting Taste Counterpoints: 25 Years of the New Criterion edited by Roger Kimball
Redefining America Ain’t My America: The Long Noble History of Anti-War Conservatism and Middle-American Anti-Imperialism by Bill Kauffman
The Idea of the University, Again The Institution of Intellectual Valuesby Gordon Graham
Micrographia Locke: A Biography by Roger Woolhouse
Effortless Cosmopolitanism Johann Nepomuk Hummel by Mark Kroll
Christianity Reconsidered Earthly Powers: The Clash of Religion and Politics in Europe from the French Revolution to the Great War by Michael Burleigh
Darwin in the English Department Darwin Loves You by George Levine
Europe’s Asian Country Russia and Asia by Edgar Knoblock