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ISI Societies

Lead the campus counterculture. Start an ISI Society.

ISI Societies are groups of conservative students and professors who share a vision for creating an intellectually diverse environment on campus. New members join an elite network of ISI Society members nationwide.

What are ISI Societies?

ISI Societies are groups of students who receive support from ISI through one-on-one mentoring, logistical support, and financial grants. Through ISI Societies, intellectually curious students and passionate professors create a dynamic learning environment and join a national community of scholars and friends dedicated to further discovering and advancing the virtues and principles that make America free and prosperous. ISI Societies prepare business plans each spring to compete for annual grants of up to $10,000 to help fund their on-campus educational programs and activities. Interested students can apply to begin a Society with just five initial members.


ISI Society members receive preferred status when applying for the following ISI programs:

  • Starting an ISI Collegiate Network publication
  • Summer internships and yearlong fellowships
  • ISI summer seminars and regional leadership conferences
  • The ISI Honors Program
  • Exclusive student panels, dinners, and events
What can I do with an ISI Society grant?

Every major intellectual and social movement begins with a small band of dedicated friends. ISI Societies bring together friends to defend the permanent things and advance the cause of liberty.


  • Bring acclaimed speakers to campus
  • Travel to exclusive ISI conferences and seminars
  • Organize dinner parties, receptions, and social events
  • Host student and faculty forums and debates
  • Organize a reading group
  • Host film screenings
How do I apply?

The deadline for ISI Society applications is April 30th. 


You can apply in just three easy steps:

  1. Submit some basic information about your proposed Society by clicking "Submit Proposal"
  2. Answer a few short questions on your Society’s business plan
  3. Upload a proposed budget for your 2015–16 academic-year activities