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ISI Societies

Lead the campus counterculture. Start an ISI Society.

Want to defend freedom of speech at your school, bring together principled conservative students and professors, discuss big ideas, bring prominent speakers to campus, and stand up for truth and intellectual diversity in an increasingly hostile campus climate?

Then an ISI Society is for you.

What are ISI Societies?

ISI Societies are springing up on college campuses across the country. Find out how you can start an ISI Society at your school (or join an existing one). By doing so, you will not only become part of a national community of principled conservative students and friends; you will also receive from ISI the advice, mentoring, and even funding you need to make a difference on your campus.

As college campuses become more and more hostile to different viewpoints, ISI Societies stand up for the free exchange of ideas and the principles that make America free and prosperous. When you join an existing ISI Society or found one of your own, you will create a dynamic environment for you and other principled students and bring true intellectual diversity to your college community.

ISI Societies prepare business plans each spring to compete for annual grants of up to $10,000 to help fund their activities. Existing groups funded by other organizations are welcome to apply for ISI society status. 

ISI Society members receive preferred status when applying for the following ISI programs:

What can I do with an ISI Society grant?

Every major intellectual and social movement begins with a small band of dedicated friends. ISI Societies bring together friends to defend freedom of speech and the permanent things, and to advance the cause of liberty.

As part of an ISI Society, you can:


  • Bring acclaimed speakers to your campus
  • Host student and faculty forums and debates to defend free speech on campus
  • Organize regular meetings to bring together thoughtful conservative students and professors
  • Host film screenings, dinner discussions, and other events
  • Receive complimentary books to inspire group discussion and debate
  • Travel to exclusive ISI conferences and seminars
Where do I start?

You can begin your society with three easy steps:

  1. Click “Submit Proposal” and enter some basic information about your proposed Society
  2. Answer a few short questions on your Society’s business plan
  3. Upload a proposed budget for your 2017–18 academic-year activities

Existing groups funded by other organizations are welcome to apply for ISI society status.