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Honors Program

A transformational intellectual experience for America’s top college students

The ISI Honors Program is a highly selective yearlong program that attracts and educates the nation’s most promising conservative undergraduates.

“One of the most formational intellectual experiences I’ve ever had.” 
—Aurora Griffin, Rhodes Scholar

When you are chosen as an ISI Honors Scholar, you will receive a full scholarship to attend an in-depth, weeklong summer conference where you will explore the West’s traditions of liberty with a group of top students, professors, and speakers. Through the course of the following academic year, you will have opportunities to work closely with a professional mentor and to attend special weekend seminars.

As an ISI Honors Scholar, you will not only learn from leading thinkers about the foundational conservative principles that are ignored or attacked on too many campuses. You will also enter a vibrant intellectual community of kindred spirits.  

The application process will open soon. In the meantime, if you have questions, please send them to


“I discovered an intellectual home at ISI and made lasting friendships. The Honors Program was life changing.”
Connor Mighell, Baylor University

“I can’t think of another place where I’ve encountered so many high-caliber conservative students.”
Tyler Dobbs, Harvard University

“The students and professors I have met through the Honors Program have been the source of inspiration and conversation that could not be replicated elsewhere.”
Courtney McEachon, Yale University

“ISI’s Honors Program was a life-changing experience. It showed me a whole community of intellectually engaged
conservative students.”
Kevin White, Stony Brook University

“One of the best intellectual experiences of my life.”
Andrew Guernsey, Johns Hopkins University

“Profoundly shaped my intellectual development.”
Heath Tarbert, former associate counsel to the president of the United States

“Participating in ISI’s Honors Program was the highlight of my undergraduate experience.”
Thomas Conerty, Hope College

​“The best experience of my life so far. Everything was perfectly planned and executed to foster an environment where learning and developing lasting relationships were one’s only concerns.”
Alexander Falconer, Regent University