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Speaker Lecture topics
Doug Bandow Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
  • America's Debt Crisis: The Bills Students Will Be Paying Throughout their Lives
  • What's a Bankrupt Superpower to Do: A Foreign Policy for a Republic
  • Globalization: The Best Way to Help the World's Poor--and Americans
Dinesh D'Souza Author and Speaker
  • Why America Is Loved, Why America is Hated
  • The Moral Case for Capitalism
  • What
Jonah Goldberg Contributing Editor, National Review
  • It's No Great Accomplishment to be Young: The Folly of Youth Politics
  • The Tyranny of Cliches
  • The Future and Past of Conservatism
Ronald Granieri Historian
  • Allies and Other Strangers: US European Relations since 1945
  • The Rise and Fall (and Rise?) of the EU
  • History, Historians, and the Future of Higher Education
Bill Spadea Television and radio host