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Speaker Lecture topics
Gerald O'Driscoll Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
  • The Fed and Monetary Policy
  • The Economic Crisis and Its Aftermath
  • The European Debt Crisis
Robert Paquette Executive Director, Alexander Hamilton Institute
  • Slavery in the History of the Americas
  • Liberal Arts and Higher Education
  • History of the Old South
Naomi Riley Affiliate Scholar, Institute for American Values
  • The Case Against Tenure
  • The Rise of Religious Colleges: How the Missionary Generation is Changing America
  • The Rise of Interfaith Marriage in America
Tracy Simmons Lecturer in Humanities, Lynchburg College
  • Living the Intellectual Life: A Guide for College Students
  • The Classical Humanism of Thomas Jefferson
  • Classical Education: Building Bridges to the 15th Century
Russell Snell Professor of Philosophy, Eastern University
  • The Terrible Covenant of Sloth: Modernity as Boredom
  • No Longer a Stranger to Yourself: Natural Law in a New Mode
  • Authentic Cosmopolitanism: Education for Real Persons
Bradley Watson Philip M. McKenna Chair, Dept. of Politics; Co-Director, Center for Political & Economic Thought, St. Vincent College

<ul> <li>Progressivism and the U.S. Constitution</li> <li>Civic Education and the University</li> <li>Courts and the Culture Wars</li></ul>

Peter Wood President, National Association of Scholars
  • Is College Still Worth It? The Higher Education Bubble and Student Debt
  • Critiquing the Campus Sustainability Movement
  • Pre-Occupied: Higher Education, Anger and the Wall Street Protests
Johnathan Yonan Dean of Templeton Honors College, Eastern University
  • Majoring in Servility: Liberal Arts and the Formation of Citizens
  • The Liberal Arts: Orthodoxies and Heresies of Human Nature
  • The Idea of the University in the Digital Age