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Speaker Lecture topics
Ralph Hancock Professor of Political Science, Brigham Young University
  • Faith and Reason in the Public Square
  • Reason, Rationalism and Morality
  • Has the Tocquevillean Moment Passed?
Mark Henrie President, Arthur N. Rupe Foundation
  • Rethinking American Conservatism
  • Understanding the Core Curriculum: How You Are Being Short-Changed in Your College Education
  • The Tradition of Catholic Social Thought
Thomas Hibbs Honors College Dean, Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Culture, Baylor University
  • The University in Crisis (Again): Why Faith-Based Institutions are the Last, Best Hope for Liberal Education
  • Democratic Nihilism: A Lecture on Film and Philosophy
  • Recovering Virtue: Aquinas and Our Contemporaries
Joshua Hochschild Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Mount St. Mary's University
  • John Henry Newman and Liberal Education
  • The Politics of Local Community
  • Art and the Liberal Arts
David Horowitz CEO, David Horowitz Freedom Center
  • The Islamic Jihad Against the West
  • Why Israel is the Victim
  • The One Party State of American Campuses
Robert Koons Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas
  • The Logic of Federalism: Why Small is Better
  • A Conservative Primer: Axioms of Conservative Philosophy
  • The Metaphysics of Middle Earth: How J. R. R. Tolkien Created a World and Changed Ours
  • Humanists vs. Humanitarians: Irving Babbitt, C. S. Lewis and the Recovery of Learning
E. Christian Kopff Associate Director, Honors Program, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Why America Needs the Classical Tradition
  • The Traditionalism of the American Founding
  • Grammar: The Basis of Thinking, Persuading and Creating
Daniel Lowenstein Director, UCLA Center for the Liberal Arts and Free Institutions
  • Law and Mercy in "The Merchant of Venice";
  • Sex, Chastity, Marriage, Justice, Mercy, Corruption: Is "Measure for Measure" a Comedy?
  • What's the Point of an Undergraduate Education? The Case for the Traditional Liberal Arts
Heather Mac Donald Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
  • Policing and Racial Profiling
  • The Costs of Affirmative Action and the Diversity Bureaucracy
Glen Moots Professor, Northwood University (Michigan)
  • America and Christendom
  • John Locke's Appeal to Heaven
  • Good Work: Recovering the Call of Vocation