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Speaker Lecture topics
David Schaefer Professor of Political Science, College of the Holy Cross
  • Judicial Activism and the Bill of Rights: The Irony of the Antifederalists
  • Uncovering and Transforming the Wisdom of the Ancients: An Introduction to Montaigne's "Essays."
  • The Fallacy of Liberal Egalitarianism: A Critique of John Rawls's "Theory of Justice."
Gregory Schneider Professor of History, Emporia State University
  • The Protean Character of American Conservatism
  • The Conservative Century
Colleen Sheehan Professor of Politics, Villanova University; Director, Matthew J. Ryan Center
  • Why the American Founding Still Matters
  • James Madison's Ideas for America
  • Jane Austen: Character, Friendship, and Freedom
Tracy Simmons Lecturer in Humanities, Lynchburg College
  • Living the Intellectual Life: A Guide for College Students
  • The Classical Humanism of Thomas Jefferson
  • Classical Education: Building Bridges to the 15th Century
Russell Snell Professor of Philosophy, Eastern University
  • The Terrible Covenant of Sloth: Modernity as Boredom
  • No Longer a Stranger to Yourself: Natural Law in a New Mode
  • Authentic Cosmopolitanism: Education for Real Persons
James Stoner Professor of Political Science, Louisiana State University
  • Progressivism Versus Common Law: The Struggle to Define the Constitution
  • Catholic Social Teaching and American Constitutional Development
  • More's Utopia and the Rise of Modern Liberty
William Voegeli Senior Editor, Claremont Review of Books
  • The 99% and the 1%
  • All Politics is Fiscal
James Wilson Assistant Professor of Literature, Villanova University
  • The Drama of Cultural Conservatism
  • What Is the Western Tradition?
  • Retelling the Story of Reason
Christopher Wolfe Co-Director, Thomas International Center
  • Can (and Should) We Legislate Morality?
  • From Judicial Interpretation to Judge-Made Law: How Did It Happen?
  • The Supreme Court and Changing Social Mores