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Speaker Lecture topics
John Miller Director of the Dow Journalism Program, Hillsdale College
  • How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football
  • Conservative Philanthropy
Glen Moots Professor, Northwood University (Michigan)
  • America and Christendom
  • John Locke's Appeal to Heaven
  • Good Work: Recovering the Call of Vocation
Charles Murray WH Brady Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
  • Coming Apart: The Rise of Cultural Inequality
  • Why the BA Is the Work of the Devil and What to Do About It
George H. Nash Senior Fellow, Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal
  • Reconsidering FDR, World War II, and the Cold War: The Perspective of Herbert Hoover
  • Reappraising the Right: The Past and Future of American Conservatism
  • Ronald Reagan's Vision of America
Joseph Pappin Professor of Philosophy, University of South Carolina
  • Edmund Burke on Natural Law and Rights
  • Edmund Burke on Liberty and Empire
  • Edmund Burke and John Locke on Property and Rights
Ronald Pestritto Graduate Dean and Associate Professor of Politics, Hillsdale College
  • Progressivism and the Origins of Big Government in America
  • How Today's Bureaucratic State Undermines the Constitution
  • Woodrow Wilson and the Origins of Modern Liberalism
Paul Rahe Charles O. Lee and Louise K. Lee Chair in the Western Heritage, Hillsdale College
  • Soft Despotism, Liberal Democracy's Drift
  • Republicanism: Ancient, Modern, and American
  • Don Corleone, Multiculturalist
Mark Rozell Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University
  • The President's Czars: Undermining Congress and the Constitution
  • Executive Privilege: Secrecy v. Democratic Accountability
Claes Ryn Professor of Politics, The Catholic University of America
  • Varieties of Conservatism
  • The Power of the Imagination: For Good or Ill
  • Political Morality: Real and Imaginary
William Saunders Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel, Americans United for Life
  • The Threat to Our Constitutional Liberty Posed by the HHS Mandate on Preventive Services
  • International Law, Judicial Activism & Abortion: A Lethal Cocktail
  • Killing, Caring or Curing? - Is There a "Human Right" to Assisted Suicide? Should There Be?