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Speaker Lecture topics
John Agresto Academic Chair, American University of Iraq
  • Democracy, Liberty, and American Foreign Policy
  • The Corruption of American Higher Education
Richard Allen Reagan National Security Advisor
  • National Security
  • Stewardship of Western Civilization
Doug Bandow Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
  • America's Debt Crisis: The Bills Students Will Be Paying Throughout their Lives
  • What's a Bankrupt Superpower to Do: A Foreign Policy for a Republic
  • Globalization: The Best Way to Help the World's Poor--and Americans
Barry Cooper Professor, University of Calgary
  • The Evolution of al-Qaeda
  • Fighting Small Wars
  • Eric Voegelin's Political Science
David Horowitz CEO, David Horowitz Freedom Center
  • The Islamic Jihad Against the West
  • Why Israel is the Victim
  • The One Party State of American Campuses
Michael Horowitz Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
  • Shattering the Caricatures of America's Conservative and Faith-Based Communities: A Strategy To Reshape American Politics for the Next 50 Years
  • It's Really Doable: How to Peacefully Collapse the Regime In North Korea.
  • Tearing Down the Internet Firewalls Needed By Dictatorships
George Liebmann Executive Director, Calvert Institute
  • Realism in Foreign Policy
  • Drugs and Immigration: Two Policy Failures
  • The Potential of Sub-Local Institutions
Paul Marshall Senior Fellow, Center for Religious Freedom, Hudson Institute
  • Free Speech and Insults to Islam
  • The Contemporary Worldwide Persecution of Christians
  • Blind Spot: When Journalists Don?t Get Religion
Robert Reilly Senior Fellow, American Foreign Policy Council
  • The Closing of the Muslim Mind
  • Islam and the West: The Theology Behind the History
  • Arab Spring or Winter?
David Satter Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
  • God and Man in Russia
  • Russia and the Communist Past
  • The Rise of the Russian Criminal State