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Speaker Lecture topics
Edward Stringham L.V. Hackley Distinguished Professor for the Study of Capitalism and Free Enterprise, Fayetteville State University
  • Embracing Morals in Economics: The Role of Morality for a Market Economy
  • An Introduction to Public Choice Economics
  • What Every Student Should Know About Austrian Economics and Economic Freedom
Harry Veryser Lecturer of Economics
  • It Didn't Have to Be This Way
  • Austrian Economics: Reasons for Optimism in the American Economy
  • St. Thomas Aquinas and the Foundation of a Free Society
Gary Wolfram William Simon Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Hillsdale College
  • Is Capitalism Good for the Poor?
  • Regime Uncertainty as a Cause of Unemployment
  • Characteristics of a Market Capitalist Economy
Thomas Woods, Jr. Senior Fellow, Ludwig von Mises Institute
  • A Politically Incorrect Gallop Through American History
  • 'Without Our Wise Overlords We'd All Be Dead': The Propaganda that Justifies Big Government, and How to Refute It
  • State Nullification: Jefferson's Solution to Today's Problems
Andrew Yuengert Professor of Economics, Pepperdine University
  • Ethics and Markets, in Thought and Deed
  • Subsidiarity, Community, and Economic Efficiency
  • Roman Catholic Economics