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Speaker Lecture topics
Dwight Lee O'Neil Chair of Global Markets and Freedom, Southern Methodist University
  • Morality: Politics vs. Markets
  • Why Markets are commonly thought to be immoral
  • The Increasing Impotence of Keyness politicy
Yuri Maltsev Professor, Carthage College
  • Gone But Not Forgotten: The Rise and Fall of Soviet Socialism
  • The Fall of the Evil Empire and the Rise of 21st Century Socialism
  • The End of the Cold War: Personal Reflections from Moscow and Washington, DC
John Médaille Instructor in Theology and Busines, University of Dallas
  • Equity and Equilibrium: The Political Economy of Distributism
  • Catholic Social Teaching and Economic Order
  • Science, Ideology, and Economics
Andrew Morriss D. Paul Jones Jr. Chairholder in Law, University of Alabama School of Law
  • The False Promise of Green Energy
  • Why Offshore Financial Centers Are Good for America
  • Why Gasoline Costs So Much
Charles Murray WH Brady Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
  • Coming Apart: The Rise of Cultural Inequality
  • Why the BA Is the Work of the Devil and What to Do About It
James Otteson Professor of Philosophy and Economics, Yeshiva University
  • Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx
  • Adam Smith: Can Markets and Morality Mix?
  • Why Not Socialism?
Benjamin Powell Associate Professor of Economics, Suffolk University
  • No Sweat: How Sweatshops Improves Lives and Economic Growth
  • Immigration: An Economic Case for Open Borders
  • Somalia After State Collapse, Chaos or Improvement: Implications for African Development
Lawrence Reed President, Foundation for Economic Education
  • Great Myths of the Great Depression
  • Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy
  • Witch-Hunting for Robber Barons: The Standard Oil Story
Shawn Ritenour Professor of Economics, Grove City College
  • Freedom and Prosperity
  • The Economics of Arts Subsidies
  • Why Stimulus Does Not Stimulate
Robert Sirico President, Acton Institute
  • Defending the Free Market
  • The Moral Adventure of the Free Society