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Speaker Lecture topics
Bradley Watson Philip M. McKenna Chair, Dept. of Politics; Co-Director, Center for Political & Economic Thought, St. Vincent College

<ul> <li>Progressivism and the U.S. Constitution</li> <li>Civic Education and the University</li> <li>Courts and the Culture Wars</li></ul>

Thomas West Paul Ermine Potter and Dawn Tibbetts Potter Professor of Politics, Hillsdale College
  • The Economic Theory of the Founding
  • The Founders' Conception of Virtue
  • The Ground of Locke's Law of Nature: A Revisionist Account
Bradford Wilcox Director, National Marriage Project
  • When Marriage Disappears: Why Marriage is Disappearing Among Americans Without College Degrees, and Why It Matters
  • Wandering to the Altar: Successful Strategies for Contemporary Courtship
  • The Kids Aren't All Right: How Family Breakdown Hurts Contemporary Children