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Speaker Lecture topics
Robert Royal President, Faith & Reason Institute
  • The God that Did Not Fail: How Religion Sustains the West
  • The Use and Abuse of Religion in Environmental Debates
  • Columbus and the Discovery of the World
Paul Scalia Pastor; Bishop's Delegate for Priests
  • Faith and Culture
  • Liturgy and Worship
  • Human Sexuality
David Schindler Associate Professor, Villanova University
  • Freedom: Ancient and Modern
Christopher Shannon Associate Professor of History, Christendom College
  • Christopher Dawson and Christian Diversity
  • Catholicism and the American Founding
  • What G.K. Chesterton Saw in America
Tracy Simmons Lecturer in Humanities, Lynchburg College
  • Living the Intellectual Life: A Guide for College Students
  • The Classical Humanism of Thomas Jefferson
  • Classical Education: Building Bridges to the 15th Century
Russell Snell Professor of Philosophy, Eastern University
  • The Terrible Covenant of Sloth: Modernity as Boredom
  • No Longer a Stranger to Yourself: Natural Law in a New Mode
  • Authentic Cosmopolitanism: Education for Real Persons
Lee Strang Professor of Law, University of Toledo College of Law
  • Originalism v. The Living Constitution
  • Originalism 101: An Introduction to Originalism
  • The Declaration of Independence: A Unique Role in Constitutional Interpretation?
Bruce Thornton Professor of Classics and Humanities, California State University, Fresno; Research Fellow, Hoover Institution
  • Appeasement and Obama's Foreign Policy
  • The Greek Roots of the American Order
  • The Collapse of 'EU'-topia
James Tonkowich Senior Vice President, Oxford House Research, and Scholar, Institute on Religion & Democracy
  • Image is Everything: Bioethics and the Image of God
  • Religion and the Federal State: Making Sense of Religious Freedom and the Place of Faith in the Public Square
  • Picking Up the Pieces: the Building Blocks of a Deeply-Rooted Christian Worldview
David Whalen Professor of English, Hillsdale College
  • 'Then Sing Him Home': Shakespeare the Contemplative
  • Liberal Education in Newman's Idea of a University
  • Lost in the Educated Cosmos: A Guide for the Educated Perplexed