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Speaker Lecture topics
Thomas Howard Stephen Phillips Chair of History and Director of Honors Program, Gordon College
  • Virtue and Liberal Education
  • Imago Dei: Human Dignity in Christian Perspective
  • Jacques Maritain and America
James Kalb Attorney and Independent Scholar
  • God in the Liberal State
  • Liberalism's Self-Demolition
  • After Liberalism: Toward Reconstruction
Roger Kimball Editor and Publisher, The New Criterion and Encounter Books
  • Thoughts on the Present Discontents
  • Retaking the University
  • The Perils of Multiculturalism
Robert Koons Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas
  • The Logic of Federalism: Why Small is Better
  • A Conservative Primer: Axioms of Conservative Philosophy
  • The Metaphysics of Middle Earth: How J. R. R. Tolkien Created a World and Changed Ours
  • Humanists vs. Humanitarians: Irving Babbitt, C. S. Lewis and the Recovery of Learning
E. Christian Kopff Associate Director, Honors Program, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Why America Needs the Classical Tradition
  • The Traditionalism of the American Founding
  • Grammar: The Basis of Thinking, Persuading and Creating
Joseph Koterski Associate Professor of Philosophy, Fordham University
  • Dante's Divine Comedy and the Western Canon
  • Natural Law Theory: Perennial Questions
  • Thomas More on Conscience and Statecraft
Paul Marshall Senior Fellow, Center for Religious Freedom, Hudson Institute
  • Free Speech and Insults to Islam
  • The Contemporary Worldwide Persecution of Christians
  • Blind Spot: When Journalists Don?t Get Religion
Jennifer Morse President, Ruth Institute
  • The Definition of Marriage: The Importance of Marriage
  • Love and Economics: It Takes a Family to Raise a Village
  • Smart Sex: Finding Lifelong Love in a Hook-Up World
James Panero Managing Editor, The New Criterion
  • Secrets of The Dartmouth Review
  • The Lessons of William F. Buckley Jr
  • The Future of Conservative Journalism
R. Reno Editor, First Things
  • Piety: An Intellectual Virtue
  • Resisting the Empire of Desire
  • Conservative Cosmopolitanism