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Speaker Lecture topics
Henry Edmondson Professor, Georgia College
  • 'Wingless Chickens': Flannery O'Connor on the Threat of Nihilism
  • What Would Publius Do? Leadership Principles From the Federalist Papers
  • John Dewey and the Collapse of American Education
Anthony Esolen Professor of English, Providence College
  • The Dislocation of Knowledge and Love
  • Dante's Divine Comedy: Faces in Paradise
  • Whatever Happened to a Boy's Life?
John Evans Professor Emeritus of English, Arizona State University
  • Beyond Pragmatism: Friendship as a Transnational Resource
  • The Paradox of Suffering in the Writings of Alexander Sozhenitsyn and Viktor Frankl
  • Charter Schools and Renewal of Western Culture
James Gaston Assistant Prof. of History, and Director of the Humanities and Catholic Culture Program, Franciscan University of Steubenville
  • The Work and Legacy of Christopher Dawson.
  • The Importance of Geography to the Liberal Arts.
  • The Nature and Importance of a Liberal Arts Education.
Robert George McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University
  • Natural Law, God, and Human Dignity
  • Immigration and American Exceptionalism
  • Science, Philosophy, and Religion in the Embryo Debate
David Goldman President, Macrostrategy LLC
  • The Arab Winter: Civilizational Collapse in the Muslim World
  • Faith and Fertility: How the Decline of Faith is Killing the Industrial World
Mark Henrie President, Arthur N. Rupe Foundation
  • Rethinking American Conservatism
  • Understanding the Core Curriculum: How You Are Being Short-Changed in Your College Education
  • The Tradition of Catholic Social Thought
Peter Hill Professor Emeritus, Wheaton College
  • The Morality of Markets
  • Why Constitutions?
  • The Not So Wild, Wild West
Joshua Hochschild Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Mount St. Mary's University
  • John Henry Newman and Liberal Education
  • The Politics of Local Community
  • Art and the Liberal Arts
Carson Holloway Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • John Paul II and the Challenge of Liberal Modernity
  • Hamilton and Jefferson: Clashing Constitutional Visions
  • All Shook Up: Music, Passion, and Politics