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Speaker Lecture topics
Richard Allen Reagan National Security Advisor
  • National Security
  • Stewardship of Western Civilization
Glenn Arbery d'Alzon Professor of Liberal Education, Assumption College
  • Why Literature Matters
  • What Makes a Classic?
  • Poetry and the Education of Feeling
Hadley Arkes Ney Professor of Jurisprudence, Amherst College
  • A Natural Law Manifesto
  • The Natural Law Challenge
  • Natural Rights and the Right to Choose
Philip Bess Professor of Architecture, University of Notre Dame
  • Human Habitat and Metaphysical Realism
  • Are the Suburbs a Mistake?' Reflections on Urbanism and Natural Law
  • Being Smart About Cities and Baseball Parks
Michael Breidenbach Assistant Professor of History, Ave Maria University
  • Patriots or Papists?: Catholics in the American Founding
  • Church, State, and Religious Liberty
  • Sartorial Sensibilities: Manners in the Modern World
Zachary Calo Associate Professor of Law, Valparaiso University School of Law
  • Law, Religion, and the Secular: Comparative and International Perspectives
  • Religion, Pluralism, and Human Rights
  • Religion and Moral Economy
Allan Carlson Visiting Professor of History, Hillsdale College; President, Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society

<ul> <li>Who Owns America? Agrarian Responses to Economic Troubles of Yesterday...and Today</li> <li>The Natural Family in an Unnatural Age</li> <li>Servile World: How the 'Business Government'--The 'Loathsome Thing Called Social Service'-- and Other Distributist Nightmares All Came True</li></ul>

David Corey Associate Professor of Political Philosophy, Baylor University
  • What is a Liberal Education and Why Does it Matter?
  • The Just War Tradition
  • Platonic Political Philosophy
  • Ancient Greek Liberty
  • Religious Liberty in Crisis
  • How the West Lost Liberalism By Trying to Expand It: The Paradox of Liberty
Patrick Deneen David A. Potenziani Memorial Associate Professor of Constitutional Studies, University of Notre Dame
  • Tocqueville and the American Founding Vision
  • Education in the Mass Age: Why Scale Matters
  • Civil Religion and American Democracy
Steven Ealy Senior Fellow, Liberty Fund
  • The Political Leadership of Willie Stark: a Discussion of Robert Penn Warren's Novel All the King's Men
  • Publius on 'Liquidation' and the Meaning of the Constitution
  • Jack-the-Bear's Grandfather and the American Dream: a Discussion of Ralph Ellison's Novel Invisible Man