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Your guides to the principles of liberty

ISI’s acclaimed books, journals, and magazines shine light on enduring truths that sustain a free and prosperous society.

ISI Books
ISI Books

ISI Books offers more than 250 titles, from bestselling books by authors such as Rodney Stark, Robert P. George, Paul Kengor, Anthony Esolen, and Rick Santorum to classic works by Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Wilhelm Röpke, and Eric Voegelin.



Intercollegiate Review

The magazine for conservative students. This publication is a complimentary benefit of ISI’s student membership. And don’t miss, an online magazine featuring pointed commentary on current events and blogging from top ISI students. 


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Modern Age

Founded in 1957 by the great conservative thinker Russell Kirk, Modern Age is America’s leading conservative quarterly—“the only serious culturally conservative journal around today,” in the words of author and scholar Peter Augustine Lawler.


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The Canon

This magazine for ISI supporters and alumni shows the impact the Intercollegiate Studies Institute is having on college campuses and through its leadership-development programs. Read The Canon to see ISI in action and to get a glimpse of tomorrow’s leaders.


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