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Scholarship & Mentoring

Educate for Liberty

Thousands of professors around the country are ISI members. You, too, can access an incredible range of scholarly content and teaching resources, benefit from professional-development opportunities, and teach some of today’s brightest young conservatives.

Get involved

Belonging to a national network of conservative scholars is just one of the benefits of ISI membership for professors. You also gain access to books, journals, videos, and many other scholarly and teaching resources, and you may receive the opportunity to mentor some of ISI’s talented, motivated students.

ISI’s program allows dedicated teachers to advise rising young leaders in a variety of ways. You can:

  • Help start an ISI Society on your campus, advising students who want a serious forum for discussing conservative ideas
  • Access and adapt for research or classroom use thousands of articles and lectures from ISI’s online Lecture & Journal Archive
  • Attend and participate in ISI seminars and conferences

To find out more about the various ways to get involved with ISI, e-mail