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3 Most Popular ISI Books Right Now

This is the fun part of my job.

As the editor of ISI Books, I get to work with incredible authors on important books. And there’s nothing more exciting than seeing readers take home the titles we publish.

That’s why it’s so much fun to watch what’s happening with this month’s $3 book sale.

Your response has been overwhelming. My favorite Facebook comment so far goes to Joe Dantona: “I both love you and hate for you this, ISI. I get paid on Thursday . . . you will be hearing from my bank.” I also loved the excitement of @gtjarruda on Twitter, for whom the sale was like a fervent wish granted: “Redeeming Economics for $3!?! That’s been on my list for ages . . . Getting it now!” 

You can choose from among 40 books available for $3 each. But if you’re at all like me, that many choices can be overwhelming.

3 Most Popular ISI Books 

So where do you start? One way is to embrace the wisdom of crowds: it turns out the three most popular titles are acclaimed books that offer crucial insights about the way the world works. They are:

  1. Life Under Compulsion: If you’ve never read Anthony Esolen, you’re truly missing out. Read this masterful look at the insidious aspects of contemporary life to see why the American Spectator puts Esolen “in the top rank of authors of cultural criticism.” Almost nothing escapes Tony’s sweeping gaze in this uncommonly wise, elegantly written book: from Common Core to video games to a world with more genders than flavors of ice cream. As the Patheos reviewer put it, “Almost every sentence gives you pause.”
  2. Conscience and Its Enemies: This is Princeton professor Robert P. George’s brilliant response to the escalating assaults on religious liberty. His brave book showcases the talents that have made Robby one of America’s most influential thinkers. He explodes the myth that the secular elite represents the voice of reason by revealing the bankruptcy of the elite’s smugly held orthodoxies. That’s why Commentary calls the book “brilliant,” National Review says that “as a critic of liberalism, George is devastating,” and the Washington Times writes, “I don’t think we get better, or more consequential, commentary on the modern crisis.”
  3. A Humane Economy: Do you want to understand how economies really operate? Look no further. A Humane Economy offers one of the most accessible and compelling explanations ever written. It’s the masterwork of the great twentieth-century economist Wilhelm Röpke. The Wall Street Journal said that reading this book is like attending “a seminar on integral freedom conducted by a pro­fessor of uncommon brilliance.” No jargon, no formulas—just eye-opening insights about the foundations markets are built on.

So there you have it: 3 great books, only $3 each. I encourage you to browse the complete list of 40 titles, which includes other favorites like Papal Economics and the always popular Student Guides to the Major Disciplines. You’re bound to find good options for yourself or friends and family.

But a reminder: this $3 sale lasts only until July 31. Stock up now.

Happy reading!

Jed Donahue is editor in chief of ISI Books.

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