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A new edition of a timeless classic: What Is Conservatism?, featuring brilliant essays by such giants as William F. Buckley Jr., F. A. Hayek, and Russell Kirk, and a new foreword by Jonah Goldberg

ISI makes foundational resources available for download at no charge. The current featured resource: What Is Conservatism?


The Federalist Papers of American conservatism.”
—Jonah Goldberg

What Is Conservatism?Just what is conservatism? Many people are groping for answers, but those answers prove elusive in a combative election year that sees conservatives retreating into factions.

Fortunately, this illuminating book shows what unites conservatives even as it explores conservatism’s rich internal debate.

ISI has released a brand-new edition of a classic book edited by the “great thinker” Ronald Reagan credited with shaping modern conservatism as “a vigorous new synthesis of traditional and libertarian thought”: Frank S. Meyer.

The Meyer-edited What Is Conservatism? (1964) is “as timely today as when it appeared five decades ago,” as Peter Berkowitz recently wrote in a glowing review on RealClearPolitics. This book features brilliant essays by such giants as:

  • F. A. Hayek, Nobel Prize–winning economist and author of The Road to Serfdom
  • William F. Buckley Jr., founder of National Review and the man perhaps most responsible for the rise of the modern conservative movement
  • Russell Kirk, whose seminal book The Conservative Mind gave the conservative movement its name
  • M. Stanton Evans, author of the conservative movement’s central credo, the “Sharon Statement” (1960)

In a foreword to this new edition, #1 New York Times bestselling author and National Review contributing editor Jonah Goldberg calls the book “The Federalist Papers of American conservatism.”

And now you can download the e-book at no charge!