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Symposium: Hooking up, Sex Week, Broken Families and more...

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The IR Student Voices  respond to J. Budziszewski’s article, "Why Hooking Up Is Letting You Down.” This dialogue is part of the symposium, “Sex and the Polis: Perspectives on Marriage, Family, and Sexual Ethics.” Here are some key arguments:

brian miller

"If sex can be divorced from pro-creation and commitment, then so can marriage. If sex can be reduced to gratification, then marriage can be reduced to a contract. Perhaps there is no cognitive dissonance at work here. There is no inconsistency in believing that sex is separated from emotion and in turn believing that marriage is separated from sacrifice. The two flow together rather well actually. Lewis said the modern world would “remove the organ but demand the function.” In our day we have not only removed the organ, but have also completely forgotten the proper function." Read the full article here.


luke foster

"To me the overriding theme of contemporary sexual culture is fragmentation. We believe we can separate the heart and soul from physical acts that are meant to be charged with tenderness and love. We believe that the unitive and procreative purposes of sex can be dealt with individually, so cohabitation and surrogate motherhood are both OK. We believe that marriage need no longer be the cleaving together of male and female in one-flesh union—marriage is what individuals make of it." Read the full article here.



"The modern hookup culture stems from a grave misunderstanding of human nature.  We have been sold a false dichotomy of body and soul, one that purports “freedom” devoid of moral consequence.  Yet, in the process, we dishonor human dignity as our capacity for true intimacy is slowly undermined.  This effect is most clearly manifested in the growing prevalence of broken families,  a sadly self-perpetuating reality of modern society." Read the full article here.



"After showing Budziszewski’s article to a few of my secular college friends, I was surprised how much it resonated with them. They loved it. The fact is, Budziszewski’s refreshing argument from design and explanation of natural law speaks to the core of our being....As Emory gets ready to launch its first ever Sex Week next February, the feminist and rape prevention groups have been more active than ever in handing out free condoms and promoting ‘safe sex’.  I am daily reminded that the newest deadly sin is  “slutshaming,” because we are taught that hooking up merely affirms our bodily desires." Read the full article here.