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Pastime Exceptionalism


Baseball will always be America’s pastime.  The sport reflects our national character in a way that others cannot.  We are imperfect; we are stubborn; we are proud.  But we are resilient.  Steroids crippled baseball, but it will recover.  And baseball, like America, has flaws.  I hate the designated hitter.  I wish the playoffs had fewer teams.  But these aren't fatal flaws.  If nothing else, they promote impassioned debates about America’s game.

Baseball is the only truly transgenerational sport.  As I scan the crowd at the Phillies game, I see parents with kids, young adults, and old timers.  Parents can’t take their kids to NBA or NFL games; the atmosphere is inappropriate for young audiences.  Baseball provides a family-friendly atmosphere that promotes interactions between people of all ages.  From senior citizens reminiscing about the old time stars to kids wanting to play like their favorite current player, baseball appeals to all.  And who doesn’t think fondly about having a catch in the backyard with Dad?


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