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The ISI Experience: Get Involved Today

ISI gave me an education that even Harvard couldn’t.

Christopher Lacaria, Harvard alumnus

I’ve had amazing experiences—and it all began with ISI.

Marc Thiessen, author, columnist, and former presidential speechwriter

ISI was hands down the most meaningful part of my college career.

Samantha Leahy, Clemson alumna

In 1953 a young journalist named William F. Buckley Jr. led a new organization, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), in a counterattack against the progressive ideology taking over American colleges. ISI offered students a compelling alternative: conservatism.

Ever since then, students, professors, and other citizens have joined ISI to understand and advance America’s founding principles and the Western tradition.

Sign up today and find out why so many prominent Americans—scholars and CEOs, journalists and Supreme Court justices, authors and politicians—point to their ISI experience as transformative.