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My Problem with "Black Lives Matter"

As a 20 year-old conservative college student, I frequently encounter people who defend President Obama but are completely unaware of the damage he has caused socially, economically and militarily. That damage is an endless list that would go far beyond my word limit. But from my perspective, the biggest mistake he has made is rewarding bad behavior that has resulted in extreme racial division through out our country. The clock has been turned back 50 years, and everything Martin Luther King Jr. fought for is being pushed to the side. As a young hispanic woman, I was expected to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Since I don’t, I am viewed as a traitor.

Barack Obama’s attitude towards The Black Lives Matter movement leaves me in awe. In February of this year, he thanked the organization’s leaders for their “outstanding work” during a meeting discussing the criminal justice system in the United States. This outstanding work includes college-aged BLM supporters making vicious comments about “losing the spotlight” during horrific terrorist attacks overseas, threatening young conservatives, and angrily disrupting peaceful college spaces. On a broader scale, BLM supporters have called for the killing of cops, and some have shot and injured police offers. Some of them resorted to purchasing pipe bombs and guns. BLM supporters have caused destruction of small businesses in multiple cities, and have engaged in arson and vandalism.

I’m sure Martin Luther King Jr. is shaking in his grave.

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