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Winter/Spring 2013

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Winter/Spring 2013

Modern Age

Volume: 55
Numbers: 1 - 2
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.

Editor's Note

Conservatism and Religion


The Neoconservative Conundrum
Two Dialogues of Abraham with God
Leo Strauss and Benedict XVI on the Crisis of the West
Religion and the Foundation of Liberalism:
The Case of the Mont Pelerin Society
Robert Drake, As I Knew Him
The Georgic Vision of Andrew Lytle

Review Essay

The Poetry of Libido Dominandi


The Cognitive Elite and America's Future
The End of the Civic Era?
Literature as Life Vocation:
The Example of Austin Warren
“We Don't Do Uplift”:
Tony Judt's Free Intelligence
All's Well That Ends Well?
Original Sin and the Christian Response to Communism
Notes from the American Underground


Singing the Pieces Back in Place:
The Life and Verse of Wilmer Hastings Mills



Mr. Death
The Aged Astronomer Scribbles a Poem to Her
The Aging Astronomer Writes to Her in October
They Visit the Cypress Tree
At Bar Harbor Once, and Once . . .
Innis mór