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Winter/Spring 2004

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Winter/Spring 2004

Modern Age

Volume: 46
Numbers: 1 - 2
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.



Dr. Robert Coles, Children, and the Sacred: A Reconsideration
Socialist Man: A Psychological Profile
The Two and the Many: Or, Lovers and Politics
Politics and the Intellectual World: Changes in Europe
The Next Area of Unrest: East-Central Europe
Conservatism, Centralization, and Constitutional Federalism
Reality and Contemplation
Loyalty in the Modern World
George Grant: Intimations of Deprival, Intimations of Beauty
Nature's End: The Theological Meaning of the New Genetics
Great Teachers in Our Lives: A Prefatory Note
Aaron Wildavsky: Facts, Policies, Morals

Book Reviews

To See, or not to see...
Stephen Karetzky, Not Seeing Red
The Decline and Fall of Communist Systems
Peter W. Sperlich, Rotten Foundations
Resisting the Ideological Lie
Daniel J. Mahoney, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
The Pragmatic and Polymathic Posner
Richard A. Posner, Public Intellectuals
Not in Time
Written by Sylvaine Agacinski; Translated by Jody Gladding, Time Passing: Modernity and Nostalgia
Music in the Modern Age
Robert R. Reilly, Surprised by Beauty
A Utopian Radical
Joseph Hamburger, John Stuart Mill On Liberty and Control
Apperopriating Heidegger
Charles Bambach, Heidegger's Roots
Christian Political Discourse
Robert P. Kraynak, Christian Faith and Modern Democracy
Voices in the Wilderness
Allan Carlson, The New Agrarian Mind
Trivializing American Conservatism
Jonathan M. Schoenwald, A Time for Choosing
The Country of Objective Truth
Henry T. Edmondson, Return to Good and Evil
The Novelist's Left Hand
Martin Amis, The War Against Cliché
The Metropolis of Ancient Egypt
Theodore Vrettos, Alexandria


Current American Polity
Satanic Arrogance
The Decline & Fall of the Anglican Regime
Deep Time: The Realms of Discovery


The Poet's Room