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Winter‒Fall 2012

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Winter‒Fall 2012

Modern Age

Volume: 54
Numbers: 1 - 4
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.

Editor's Note

Modern Age in the Twenty-First Century


James McClellan, Benchmark, and an Informed Public
What Went Wrong In Europe?
A Reflection on Western Modernity
America’s Lost Sense of Community
The Global Warming Conundrum
Marathon of Deletions:
The Dedefinition of Art and Marriage
Bolshevik Power and Ideas of the Common Good
A Polanyian Deconstruction of Kojève’s Vision of Justice and Globalization
Beauty Will Save the World:
Metaphysical Rebellion and the Problem of Theodicy in Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov
Poetry, Politics, and Robert Frost:
In Memoriam Peter J. Stanlis

Short Story

Children of the Forest

Review Essay

The Sacrifice of Praise
William Cavanaugh, Radical Orthodoxy, and the Myth of the State


An Intimate Look at Totalitarian Repression
The Personal Lives of Scholars
The Myth of Social Justice
Literature and Resistance in the South
Truth and Consequences in Wartime
An Immodest Proposal by an Unthinking Thing
The Sacred and Profane City
The Persistence of Faith in a Secular Age
The Demise of Political Philosophy?
Taking Rights Seriously
Similitude and Poetry
The Fortunes of Books
The Lucretius Code
Successful Humanity
The Novelty of the Ancient Tradition of Poetry


The Loss of Maritain's America
Orwell On Fascism
Marion Montgomery (1925–2011)


Sunset and Evening Star
Those Days
Chemo Refused
Headmaster Leaving
Clausius in Bonn
21 December 1875
Sun Dial