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Summer 2015

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Summer 2015

Modern Age

Volume: 57
Number: 3
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.

Editor's Note

Facts, Lies, and Journalism


A Plea Regarding “Liberal”
Does a Biologist Need a Soul?
Onan the Librarian: The Postmodern Sophist-Leninist Slavoj Žižek Offers Smut for the Smart

Review Essay

Transatlantic Conservatism and the Dilemma of Tradition


Werewolves and Philosophes
Liberty and Rights in the Natural Law Tradition
Who's a Coward?
Return of the Prairie Historians
Napoleon after 200 Years
The Individual and the Liberal State


Are There as Many Gods as Religions?
Harry V. Jaffa, 1918‒2015


Fear and Yearning at Cruising Speed
Young Edith Newbold Jones Wharton Takes Up Her Pen
The Mediterranean
After Rembrandt's Philosophe en Méditation, 1632