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Summer 2014

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Summer 2014

Modern Age

Volume: 56
Number: 3
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.

Editor's Note

The End of Reading?


Balkanized Bureaucracy or Utopian Sanctuary?
The Crisis in the Modern University
Burke's Catholic Conservatism
Why We Need God: Solzhenitsyn's The Red Wheel
Beyond Nihilism: Classical Realism
and the Perils of Scientific Naturalism


Two Versions of Strauss
The Contours of Evil
Science, Knowledge, and Understanding
The Stark Truth about Western Civilization
The Path to a Higher Freedom
How're Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?


Wise Passiveness:
Pieper and Wordsworth on the Liberal Arts


First Steps
Starry Night
Good Samaritan