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Summer 1957

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Summer 1957

Modern Age

Volume: 1
Number: 1
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.



Apology for a New Review
By: Editor
Life Without Prejudice
A Dialogue with La Mettrie (poem)
Titoism: Trojan Horse in Poland and Hungary?
American Republic or American Empire
Seascape Remembered (poem)
History, Toynbee, and the Modern Mind: Betrayal of the West
Three poems from Delta Return
The Devil and Tobacco (story)
Spicatto (poem)

Modern Letters

The Great Books: a Chaucer-Milton-Burger
Immortal Mr. Dooley
The Treason of the Clerks
Books on the Schools
Aron's L'Opium des intellectuels
Niebuhr's The Self and the Dramas of History

Notes from Abroad

Recuperating Spain
Europe and German Unity
Three Words on America

The Achievement of Ortega y Gasset

José Ortega y Gasset
Pedagogy and Anachronism


What Modern Age needs
By: Editor