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Spring 2016

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Spring 2016

Modern Age

Volume: 58
Number: 2
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.


Shakespeare, Cervantes, and the Romance of the Real
Virtue Is Not Boring:
Shakespeare and the Moral Life
Orestes Brownson and the Unwritten Foundation of American Constitutionalism
The Poverty of Antihistoricism:
Strauss and Gadamer in Dialogue


Kirk the Conservative, Kirk the Man
What Rebellion?
Rehabilitating the Enlightenment?
Answering Heidegger’s Challenge
Beware Monomania
Mysterious Companions


Who’s Afraid of Arthur Bryant?
A Once-Beloved Historian, Three Decades On


“The Most Important Liberty”


At Burrough Hill
From The Hours of Catherine of Cleves (Suffrages)