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Spring 2016

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Spring 2016

Modern Age

Volume: 58
Number: 2
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.


Shakespeare, Cervantes, and the Romance of the Real
Virtue Is Not Boring:
Shakespeare and the Moral Life
Orestes Brownson and the Unwritten Foundation of American Constitutionalism
The Poverty of Antihistoricism:
Strauss and Gadamer in Dialogue


At Burrough Hill
From The Hours of Catherine of Cleves (Suffrages)


Kirk the Conservative, Kirk the Man
What Rebellion?
Rehabilitating the Enlightenment?
Answering Heidegger’s Challenge
Beware Monomania
Mysterious Companions


Who’s Afraid of Arthur Bryant?
A Once-Beloved Historian, Three Decades On


“The Most Important Liberty”