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Spring 2015

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Spring 2015

Intercollegiate Review

Volume: 50
Number: 1
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The Intercollegiate Review is the magazine for liberty-loving students across America.

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Publisher's Note

“The Time That Is Given Us”

Campus Chaos

7 Ridiculous Courses at Top Colleges


The Privilege of Freedom
From Campus Bullies to Empty Churches
Lord of the Permanent Things: J. R. R. Tolkien’s Vision of Liberty and Limited Government

Notes from the Conservative Underground

Notes from the Conservative Underground

Student Voices

5 Apps to Help You Get More out of College
Mark Twain vs. the Moral Statistician

Office Hours

Wilfred M. McClay: Teacher, Scholar, Mentor

Freedom Hall

Edmund Burke: The First Conservative

God on the Quad

Vital Lessons in Vile Smears

Arts & Manners

The 12 Funniest Books Ever Written
Watching Interstellar with Wendell Berry
5 Bands Every Conservative Should Know


Urgent Memo from the Director of Interpersonal Space Relations