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Spring 2013 - Digital

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The Intercollegiate Review is the magazine for liberty-loving students across America.


Democratic Despotism
Under Pressure: Staying Rational in the Gay Marriage Debate
Defending Lincoln against Misguided Libertarians
The End of Partisanship?
Iron Ladies
Fresh Out of Hell: The Final Chapter
Awareness and the Minds of the Masses: Looking Ahead
Libertarian-ish Philosophy and the Future of Fusionism
1913: Worst Year Ever
Liberty and Security and Gun Control
By: K. Boor
A Woman's Right to Work
How to Be a Libertarian (Without Losing Your Soul)
What’s so special about meat inspectors?
Wonder: the True Value of a Liberal Education
By: K. Boor
The Christian Fantasy
The city is peopled with spirits, not ghosts
The Language of the Internet
Conservatism Is Not Individualism
‘Murica and Mary Jane: Passing to the Left and the Etiquette of Legalization
The Senate Budget and Separation of Powers
You Want Some Salt with Those Wounds?: Thanks for Your Empathy, America
Whither Men and Women?
Paul Krugman and the Fatal Conceit
Recanting Faux Federalism
Washington vs. Washington
What is Conservatism Anyways?
Emotions Run High on Gun Control Debate
Reality and Religion
Swarthmore Under Siege
The Twinkification of American Education
Rand Paul and Sallust's Conspiracy of Catiline
We're all environmentalists now
Hugo to Hell?
The Brennan Loophole
Obama Wants You to Budget Responsibly
All the Cool Kids Hate Caring: Examining Modern Agency, Apathy, and Irony
The President's Bracket
The Associated Press and Policy Reform Part 2
Braver, Newer World
Don’t Cheer for public stadiums: a hidden concentrated benefit dispersed cost problem
Cloud Atlas: A Mixed Bag Worth Exploring
New Addition to Core Curriculum: Stomp on the Name of Jesus
Information in a Time of Tragedy
Just remember: the 3 P's lead to the 3 I's
Calling All Heroes.... Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?
How to Find Your Vocation in College
What's wrong with our communities?
On Gosnell and Galileo
The Glorification of Faction
Why the left consistently commits economic fallacies: they don’t understand the ‘economic problem'
The Humanities: Killing Humanity Since, Well, Humanity
Wieseltier on a Countercultural Love for the Humanities
Deadlines Approaching for Epic Summer Programs!
Persecution and the Art of Tweeting: 7 Tips
Views from the Road: My Weekend with Aspiring Journalists
We are on about QE10 but who knows what that is? And who is Counting?
The Associated Press and Policy Reform
In Defense of Parks and Recreation
The Gay Jihad: The Brain and Brawn of Anti-Christianity
Murray and Marriage
St. Francis and the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
By: K. Boor
Diversifying the Bench
Abercrombie Revisited: Our Complicity in the Dark Side of Capitalism
By: K. Boor
The Question of Federalism: SCOTUS, Marriage, and the Constitution
Political Theory Takes to the (Word) Cloud
French Sculptors, English Anchoresses, and Existential Questions
By: K. Boor
“But Who Can Stand Before Jealousy?”--A Simple Plea
By: K. Boor
Can We Live With a Living Wage?
School Your Hearts
Babel Builders and Blastocysts: Baby Making and Medical Miracles in the Modern Age
This Just In: Catholicism Out of Touch
Humor, Hope, and Christian Humanism: A Review of The Common Mind
2013, or the Second Age?
Why Conservatives Should Embrace the Digital Humanities
Acton University, a Good Idea
Output Over Input Times One Hundred Percent = Religion
How to Dodge a Drone Strike without Skipping Class
Old-School Poetry
Burning Books, Tearing Down Free Speech Walls, and All That Student Activism
How to Be a Really Lousy Journalist for Fun and Profit
CPAC – a new theory of social change?
You Only Live Once: The Rules of Risk Taking, Rule Breaking, and Existential Angst
Five For Fighting
This Is You, on the Wrong Side of History
The Heartbeat Bill and the Threat of Incrementalism
What Has Small Government to do with Conservatism?
What I Saw at CPAC 2013
It’s not what government does- it’s that they’re talking
A Judgmental Thought
The Problems with Universal Preschool
Happy Birthday, Freak! Getting to Know Flannery O'Connor
By: K. Boor
Matt Damon, Philosopher of Higher Education
So You Want to Be a Public Intellectual?
Our Next Pope: “Orthodox” or “Progressive” -- Why do we care?
The Darkness of God
By: K. Boor
How to make yourself study for finals
Is Petrus Romanus Upon Us?: Pope Francis and Popular Piety
Big Boys Do Cry: Losing, Living, and Letting Go
Here's to summer reading
Commencement speaker exhorts students to advocate more public spending
Patrick Deneen, Robert Miller, and the American Ethos (Part I)
Tocquevillian Parenting
Morals and Meaning: Country Music
The Filibuster
The Pursuit of Gayness
Suffer the small stuff
Applying the Liberal Arts
Remembering Margaret Thatcher
Yes, a minimum wage comes with costs, but is it worth it?
Engaging Gay Activists on Campus: A Primer
Obama's Umbrella? An Old Islamic Tradition
Taking the Human Element Out of War: The Ethics of Drone Warfare
Separating Politics from Tragedy
Redefining Normal