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Spring 2003

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Spring 2003

Modern Age

Volume: 45
Number: 2
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.


Remedying the Ills of American Education

Restoring the Sacred House of Education
Orality, Literacy, and the Tradition
Vocation and the Liberal Arts
“Reforming” the College English Curriculum
Reflections of a Head Master
Democracy and Elite
Freedom and Authority: Burke and Sartre in Dialogue
Q. D. Leavis's Criticism: The Human Core

Book Reviews

The Refreshment of the Humanities
Jeffrey Hart, Smiling Through the Cultural Catastrophe: Toward the Revival of Higher Education
Humility and Method
Ciriaco Morón Arroyo, The Humanities in the Age of Technology
A Weaver Treasury
Richard M. Weaver; Ted J. Smith III, ed., In Defense of Tradition: Collected Shorter Writings of Richard M. Weaver, 1929–1963


Sweet Lucy Gray—and Ms. James