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Fall/Winter 2004

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Fall/Winter 2004

Intercollegiate Review

Volume: 40
Number: 1
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The Intercollegiate Review is the magazine for liberty-loving students across America.



Two Becoming One Flesh: Marriage as a Sexual and Economic Union
Still Bowing to the God That Failed
Eric Voegelin and Christianity
Translating Tolkien’s Epic: Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings

Review Essay

Re-Visioning Conservative History


Republican Virtue, Imperial Temptations, a review of Claes Ryn’s America the Virtuous
Valedictory Voyage, a review of William F. Buckley's Miles Gone By
The Fall of the Modern Age?, a review of Chantal Delsol’s Icarus Fallen


The past cultures I admire—Periclean Greece, the city-states of the Italian Renaissance, Elizabethan England, are examples—have mostly been produced by communities, and remarkably small ones at that. Also remarkably heterogeneous ones, riven by faction, stormy with passionate antagonisms. But . . . [a] mass society, like a crowd, is inchoate and uncreative. Its atoms cohere not according to individual liking or traditions or even interests but in purely mechanical ways, as iron filings of different shapes and sizes are pulled toward a magnet working on the one quality they have in common. Its morality sinks to the level of the most primitive members—a crowd will commit atrocities that very few of its members would commit as individuals—and its taste to that of the least sensitive and the most ignorant.