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Fall 2016

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Fall 2016

Modern Age

Volume: 58
Number: 4
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.

Editor's Note

The Conservative Rout and the Death of Liberalism


The True and Only Lasch:
On The True and Only Heaven, 25 Years Later
Animal Farm at 70
Arthur Koestler's Trail of Darkness
Thomas Aquinas on Creation and Science:
An Invitation for China, and Not Only for China

Review Essay

The Reasonableness of Faith and the Irrationality of “Reason”


We Can't Go Home Again
A Return to Human Nature
Inklings of Belief
The Rehabilitation of History
Paradise Unfounded


The Reason for the Moon
At Tyburn
Autograph Book
Ultima Thule
The Pest