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Fall 2014 - Digital

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The Intercollegiate Review is the magazine for liberty-loving students across America.


Tinder and Semiotics
By: Ben Riggs
Is American Community the Result of Its Constitution?
Localists in Winter, Bureaucrats in Summer: Can Weather Swing the Vote?
The Wells We Did Not Dig
Can Religious Freedom and Gay Marriage Coexist?
By: Ben Riggs
Kierkegaard the Good Doctor
Humanity Is an Idol
Friends, Radicals, Ideologues: Open Your Ears, and Your Minds
What Roger Scruton Taught Me about Chores
The Idol of an Early Death
The No-Nonsense Way to Maintain Your Religious Convictions
You Have No Reason for Your Rights
Did Muhammad Exist? — The Fallout
The Sentence That Knocked Down the Berlin Wall (But Almost Didn't)
Did Marx Get Something Right?
Alexis de Tocqueville Pins the American Mind
Why We Remember
The Superversive World of Harry Potter
Scottish Independence: Historically Justified?
Rad Trads and Rad Fems: Best Friends
Infographic: 4 Top Myths About the Crusades...Busted
Uber Competition Is Good for Society
University Diversity: An Anecdote
Drink Irresponsibly
Does Caring About the Environment Actually Make You Conservative?
Majoring in Fear
What Is Community?
The Pharisaical National Football League
Pigskin May Mean No Sheepskin
Diversity May Be More Conservative Than You Think
“Joke” Classes That Shouldn't Be
Making Sense of 1989
Throwing Cold Water on Controversy
Kneeling to Propose? What's the Point, Anyway?
The (Reality) Problem of Evil
Voter ID Laws
The King's Speech
Promised Land
A Giant Arrives in Byzantium: What Really Happened During the First Crusade
David Foster Wallace: Conservative?
TV vs. Hobbies: Who wins the “Flow” Challenge?
Just War Theory: A Christian Innovation
The Purpose of the Police
If It's 8:47, We Must Be Learning About Atoms
Freedom of Religion, Not Freedom from Religion
Who Is This Harry Potter Girl, and Why Is She Speaking at the UN?
Can You Have Religion without Beauty?
Christianity with Biceps
By: Ben Riggs
Life behind the Berlin Wall: An Orwellian Nightmare
Hi, I’m Chase and I’m Afraid of Math
Beauty and Order
Is Western Civilization Really Best?
How Culture Can Kill Your Vote: The Danger to Democracy
Thinking Like the Damned
Save Water: Shower Together
Tolkien and the Too Real Story
Right Behind Ya
Rad Trads and Rad Fems: Not Friends at All, Actually
Laptops in the Classroom
This Is John Galt?
Bigger Government, Better Government, What's the Answer?
By: Ben Riggs
Who Are the Police?
Guardians of Liberal Democracy
By: Ben Riggs
French Revolution vs. the American Revolution: Which Was More Important?
Getting Really Absurd
Tradition vs. Traditionalism
4 Ways to Avoid Lifelong Adolescence and Get More Out of Life
J. Budziszewski: Navigating Today's Insane Educational System
When Something Is Beyond Criticism
A Man for Our Season
In Memoriam: Mimi Prentice
The Politics of People and Place
Heroes and Victims in Modernist Memorials
Historical Revisionism in Scientific Disciplines
A Movie and a Modern Question
Gay Marriage and Religious Freedom: Roommates or Stalemates?
Rebels Accept No Substitute
The Role of Identity in Dante's Inferno
“I Hate America”: The Harm of Mental Masochism
Freedom of Speech: A Dying Privilege
The Virtue of Quietude
It's the Always the Best of Times, It's Always the Worst of Times
Real Love and Real Hatred
College Degrees: Ticket to Exit or Ticket to Entry?
In Memoriam: Phil Crane (1930–2014)
Be Your Own Hero: A Message from the University of Florida
What’s Right about the Religious Right?
The Purpose of the Police, Part 2
Are You Laughing Enough?
By: Ben Riggs
Marketing the Modern University
The Berlin Wall: 25 Years Later
Selective Nostalgia and Localism
By: Ben Riggs
(Breaking) Matt Walsh Currently Mad About Something
What Is Political Science?
By: Ben Riggs