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Fall 2003

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Fall 2003

Modern Age

Volume: 45
Number: 4
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Modern Age has been America’s leading conservative quarterly for more than half a century.


Conservative Minds Revisited

An Experiment in Honesty: Samuel Taylor Coleridge's The Friend
By: Jeff Cain
John Quincy Adams and American Conservatism
The Need for Renewal: Nathaniel Hawthorne's Conservatism
Orestes Brownson on Catholicism and Republicanism
The Re-Imagined Aristotelianism of John Henry Newman
Paul Elmer More: America's Reactionary
George Santayana on Liberalism and the Spiritual Life
The Voice of This Calling: The Enduring Legacy of T. S. Eliot

Book Reviews

Locke and Liberal Origins
Michael P. Zuckert, Launching Liberalism: On Lockean Political Philosophy
Interpreting Ancient Texts
Pierre Hadot, What is Ancient Philosophy
Maverick Conservatism
John A. Murley and John E. Alvis, ed., Willmoore Kendall: Maverick of American Conservatives
English Conservatism in the Nineteenth Century
William Thomas, The Quarrel of Macaulay and Croker: Politics and History In the Age of Reform