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ISI Society FAQ

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Can we spend money on purely social events?

Societies can spend money on social events to build comradery among members as well as attract new members. Societies may not spend funds on exorbitantly priced meals, or items such as games, furniture, or office equipment. When in doubt, consult with your ISI regional director.

What do we do with the money we don’t spend?

Any money that is not spent in the first semester of activities can simply be rolled into the next semester’s activities. If there are still funds left over at the end of a school year, the remainder must be returned to ISI.

Can we buy alcohol with the money we receive for events?

Societies may not purchase alcohol with ISI funds.

We are a chapter of another organization. Can we get ISI society status and funding?

Yes. ISI partners with many organizations and students groups throughout the country, and we love co-sponsoring events!