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ISI Has a New Website!


Being the good conservatives that we are, we carefully considered changes to the ISI website before we began the rebuild. We spoke with many students and faculty about what they need from ISI and studied the trends as well as the rules.

After months of hard work, we’re proud to say that the new ISI website is live and at your service!

Here are a few of the improvements we made:

  1. Simplified navigation: The new navigation bar makes it easy for students, faculty, alumni, and donors to find relevant information and content.
  2. Mobile-responsive design: ISI’s website now formats beautifully on your phone, tablet, or computer screen.
  3. Sixty years of articles, lectures, and debates in one place: The new ISI Lecture & Journal archive is a treasure trove; you’ll find videos, audio recordings, and essays by William F. Buckley Jr., F. A. Hayek, Richard Weaver, Russell Kirk, and many other greats.

But enough of the introductions—we’ll let the website speak for itself.

Let us know what you think in the comments!



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