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The Intercollegiate Review is a print magazine and daily site for conservative students. You’ll hear from leading voices in the conservative movement, get activist tips from top student leaders, learn how to thrive in the face of the liberal campus culture, and more.




How can I subscribe to the Intercollegiate Review?

Thanks to ISI’s generous donors, the IR is available for FREE to ISI students; find out how to join ISI here. The print IR is also available to ISI Readers Club members.

The print edition is published twice per year, early in the fall and spring semesters.

Click here if you are a student or professor interested in a complimentary ISI membership.

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When was the Intercollegiate Review founded?

The Intercollegiate Review was first published by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute in 1965.

What are the beliefs of the Intercollegiate Review?

At the IR, we welcome fruitful discourse on a variety of topics. Not all of our authors or readers have the same opinions—what a boring world that would be! But ISI—and thereby the IR—believes in and actively promotes six core principles: limited government, individual liberty, free markets, the rule of law, personal responsibility, and traditional morality.

Who are your authors?

We’re lucky to have a wide variety of authors writing for the IR Online. Contributors include ISI students, independent scholars, professors, and ISI employees.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed by any author on the IR Online, including but not limited to ISI scholars, student bloggers, and those providing comments, are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, the Intercollegiate Review, or any employee thereof. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute and its publication, Intercollegiate Review, are not responsible for the accuracy of any of information or the opinions expressed on this site.

How can we make sure students will continue benefiting from the IR?

Glad you asked. Your generous tax-deductible gift will help ensure that ISI can continue its mission to “educate for liberty” for generations to come. Donate here.

The IR is a vital part of ISI’s mission, and with your help the IR will continue to educate America’s future leaders.

What is your comments policy?

Comments are open to the general public, but they will be reviewed and are subject to editorial control.

Can I get permission to reprint an article?

Direct inquiries to

How do I write for the IR?

We're always looking for talented writers to contribute to the Intercollegiate Review. If you're interested, let us know! 

Please submit all inquiries and submissions to Joseph Cunningham at